I Am Not Into Intimacy

The guys I date at London escorts think that I am this hot girl all of the time. However, personal intimacy is not really my sort of thing. I have always had a problem with intimacy, and when I am not at London escorts, I don’t even like to kiss. One of the girls I work with at London escorts asked me where all of these crazy feelings come from. I am not sure, but when I lived at home, my parents were never really intimate with each in front of me and my brother. 


In a relationship personal intimacy is really important. My personal relationships have been rather disastrous and I put this down towards my attitude with personal intimacy. I am not sure how I am going to put it right. The girls at the London escorts I work for at the moment have suggested that I see a counselor. It could be one of the solutions. The funny thing is that I don’t mind being close to the men I date at London escorts. That has always struck me as rather strange. 


The men I date at London escorts are all very attractive and I think that has helped me a lot. I simply feel that they turn me on in a way that the men I meet in my personal life do not ever manage to do. Lately, I have been thinking about this a lot. It could be the reason why I always felt so disappointed in my personal relationship. The guys I have met so far have simply not been as much fun as the men I date at London escorts. 


When I speak to my friends at London escorts, it soon becomes clear that many girls do not have relationships with men outside of London escorts. They are a bit like me. In general, I think that most London escorts get a real kick out working meeting up with the gents they meet on London escorts. When they are off duty from London escorts, they try to compare the guys they date with the gents they have met on London escorts. They are simply disappointed. I think that we are really lucky to be working as escorts in London.  


Yes, it is true. Most dates and gents I date at London escorts do look after us very well. I think that as a result, a lot of girls who work at top escort agencies in London become spoiled when it comes to male company. After you have been working for London escorts for a while, you are simply not turned on by the average guy in the street. It really is a problem. Perhaps I need to take a step back or even leave London escorts to find a man in my personal life. At the moment I really don’t feel that I need to bother, I have met so man hot men at London escorts. 

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