My Idea Of A Filthy Night

My girlfriends at London escorts say that I am not the most romantic sort of girl. I know that many of them have their own version of a dream date night, and I guess my dream date night varies from their ideal a great deal. Yes, it is nice to spend a night out with a guy enjoying a nice meal, champagne, and cocktails, but not all of the time. Even before I joined London escorts, I used to love spicing things up a little bit and I am still that way inclined.

What is the perfect date night as far as I am concerned? Well, if I have my way, I love nothing better than dressing up. When I am on duty with London escorts, I really love role play style dating, but that is not all. If a gent asks me to get him into shape, I don’t have a problem getting a whip out and showing how I like to get him into shape. Maybe not your dream date night but I know that many men I have met at London escorts really do appreciate my talents.

When did I get into a bit of light BDSM? I can’t remember get into BDSM at any specific point in time. Instead, I think it all started when I was pole dancing in Soho. This was a long time before I ended up joining London escorts. One night I was looking for a prop, and the only thing I could found was a leather whip. I started to perform with it, and before it I knew it, I was getting really turned on. The gents watching me seemed to appreciate my whip as well. That is how I eventually ended up working for London escorts.

The guy who owns the London escorts agency that I work for right now, spotted me doing what I called my whip dance. After I had finished my number, he bought me a drink and told me that he thought I had a certain talent for working for an escort agency in London. It was a big step to take, but I rather liked the idea. A couple of weeks later I started to work for London escorts and I have been there ever since.

Do I have a favorite date night when I am working for London escorts? The best date night I have enjoyed with London escorts have been with like-minded people. I like to date guys who like to enjoy a few drinks and then back to my place to play. Sure, it is nice to do things like business dates, but I get rather bored. I would rather my dates were far more exciting than just going out for a fancy meal. My favorite clients are the ones who like to mix play with a touch of sophistication as I like to call it. If you want to play, just get in touch with me and I will arrange a play date just for the two of us.


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