Gentlemen from the United States often like to call their escorts cougars

We don’t have a problem at all with that at Soho escorts, but what the heck is a cougar. I know that it is supposed to be some certain of mountain lion in the United States, but where can I find one. It would be great to have one here in boudoir so that I could talk to gents about being Soho Cougar. It sounds kind of funny to me, but I do like the idea.

A lot of Americans have invested very heavily in property in Soho recently and some of them are ending up dating Soho escorts of Most Americans only want to date girl who work as outcall escorts and we can do that here at the agency as well. I am sure that a lot of the gents that we have met, enjoy dating English style, but some of them are a bit surprised at how different things are here in the UK. I must admit, we do have a different dating style.

Many of the American gents that I have met since joining Soho escorts, expect us to be able to strip. I have never known any girl from a Soho escort service to strip, and if you are looking for that kind of service you really need to pop across to Soho. That being said, I understand that a couple of strip tease clubs have opened up in Canary Wharf as well, but that is not really my part of town at all. When I go out, I normally go out around the Soho area.

Gents from the US also expect us to spend all night out with them going around to different places, and not to come home until late the next day. Most Soho escorts are into pub crawls and stuff like that, but it seldom involves staying at all night. I have done it a couple of times, and I have to say that I am really tired at the end of the morning so to speak. However, they pay for it, so I don’t mind staying out to early.

Most English gents like to meet up during the evening when they have finished work, but American gents can pop in any time during the day. They always seem to be ready to party and us girls here at Soho escorts are ready to look after them. One thing that I have to admit is that Americans are not very good at drinking. They get drunk really quickly and sort of fall asleep. One gent from the States told me that the drinks over there are not very strong. Well, they are a bit stronger here and if they are going to hack living in Soho, I think that they had better get used to it. But, I suppose that it is a learning thing. Some gents can handle their drink and some can’t, maybe they should take it slow to start with when they come to Soho.


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