London escorts say that their part of town is getting really busy and many new escorts are arriving on the scene.

However, one of the problems is that many of the new London escorts are from out of town. Many of the girls who are joining London escorts are from places like Poland and Hungary, and some of the born and bred London escorts, say that they should not be allowed to call themselves London escorts. After all, they are not born in London.
Difficult Situation
This must be a difficult situation for many agency bosses who has worked very hard to get their agencies up and running. It is not to have girls fighting amongst themselves, and I don’t really need to see why this should be the case. At the end of the day all of these young ladies work for London agencies.
However, I can understand where the original London girls are coming from. They are saying that the influx of girls from other countries is taking work away from them and they don’t think this is fair. London girls do have a point, and I think it should be addressed.
Local Girls
Local girls say that a lot of foreign girls from Poland and Hungary are happy to work for less. They seem to have a lot of less living expenses as they often share apartments, and you may even find six girls living in one apartment. A lot of these ladies do not have any intention of staying in the UK. They are only here to earn money, and to send money back home to their families in Poland and elsewhere.
Most of them will leave after a few years, and that means that in the mean time. local ladies will have lost their jobs. This is a crisis which seems to be affecting all of the UK, and not only the escorts service. London is an expensive place to live, and many of the local girls have families and mortgages to pay. I can completely understand how they feel about the situation.
Foreign Agencies
A few foreign agencies have also recently been set up in London. The locals have noted that many of these agencies are not legal, and have reported them. Not all of them, but some of them have been closed down. The problem is that most of them are operated from a mobile phone, and the owners just get another phone. After that they change the phone number on the web site, and off they go again.
This hardly seems fair somehow and I think it can damage the reputation of local agencies that are well run. It is a real shame when this happens, but you do see a lot of this in business in the UK today. Foreign workers are trying to take over the local economy, and this can lead to lots of problems. The EU was a great idea but it seems that it benefits some membership states more than others.

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