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Many at times people come across an erotic story in the internet or better yet many people actively search for them in a quest to make themselves feel a surge of sexual energy. However with so many people being hooked on these erotic stories the question is do erotic stories give a sense of reality or do they actually portray what happens in real life. Considering the life of a man and of Orpington escorts what really comes out clear in this case.


Many of the erotic stories usually center on risk. In this regard, when the man visits Orpington escorts, they do this in a private place at first. In this case there is usually no cause for alarm. However as time goes on the man may want to see more and more of the escort lady and in this case want to see them nearer home or in the workplace. This is usually a high risk as the reality is that they are not only risking their family finding out, but also the fact that they can be fired from work as they will continuously miss to make the awaited visits.

Expectations become high

In the world of Orpington escorts in an erotic story, their place is usually to please the man in all ways. They have to ensure they give their best and look their prettiest from head to toe. In this case when the man goes to meet her, the sight he sees is always breathtaking. He then is pleased in any way that he likes and the thought of the Orpington escorts complaining is eliminated However when it comes to an actual reality this sight is far from truth as their girlfriends or wives will be in more comfortable clothing. The use of heels is not used and makeup is used sparingly or there will be none at all. On the other hand when it comes to being pleased with no complaints or talks of other things, this just doesn’t happen in reality, as this will always be brought up. This on the other hand usually disappoints the man as they will never get this from their actual mates.

Acceptance by other mates

Erotic stories have a way of showing that mates always accept the fact that their men are in a sort of relationship with Orpington escorts. This is usually portrayed in an extent where the three actually accept each other and the lady goes ahead to even accept some advice from the Orpington escorts. However when it comes to reality this is usually not the case, as the mate will feel betrayed and it most likely will end the relationship, as the man is obviously living a double life.


When it comes to finances many of the people are always described in as wealthy to afford the services of an escort. In this sense visits are frequently done in a week or sometimes even on a daily basis. However in reality this is not real for the simple reason that many would not seek services of Orpington escorts when they are moneyed, and often opt to enjoy the fruits of their hard earned money with their families.


So the question again arises, do erotic stories give a sense of false reality? The answer is right in front of everyone.

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