Can you teach a man to be a better lover

One of my girlfriends is disappointed in her sex life, but I am not sure how I can help her. She started going out with really good looking guy and expected him to be great in bed. Well I have dated a lot of guys, and I seldom find it is really good looking guys who are good in bed. In tends to be the guys who are sort of average looking who are really good in bed. But, lots of women believe that good looking guys should be better in bed.

Do I date good looking guys at London escorts? Yes, I do and I actually find them rather boring to spend time with. I prefer dating guys who are sort of normal looking and I know that most London escorts feel the same way. Average looking guys tend to make more of an effort and I think that matters a lot when it comes to good sex and a good conversation. Do they have nicer personalities? As a matter of fact, most of them do have really nice personalities, and I love that about them.

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Can you train a man to be better in bed? I am not sure that you can, but you can tell them you like doing certain things. Ultimately guys like to turn you on, and decent guys like to make sure that you are having a good time in bed. If he does not listen to you, it is very unlikely that he will be any good in bed and make you happy in bed. Some girls at London escorts think it is possible to teach guy to be better lovers, others don’t.

Not all guys that I have dated have been great in bed. Some of them I have dropped straight away, but others, I have sort of hung to for a little bit longer for a variety of reasons. Some guys are not sure of themselves and that is why they are not so good in bed. At the same time, I think it is important for a gent to be confident. Some gents that I date at London escorts are not very confident and I think it is one of those things that really can affect a man’s performance in bed.

It would be great if all gents learned to listen but I am not sure that will ever happen. The girls here at London escorts do know that it is not very easy to get gents to listen. Here at the agency, we have the same problems as other ladies. It is not always easy to get men to listen and pay attention, but I think that you should at least try it. If it does not improve your sex life, and there is nothing else which makes the relationship special, perhaps you should think about ditching the guy. You should not think that sex will not be important to you. It will and you may as well enjoy it while you can.

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