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I love flirting with food says Tina from Wokingham escorts. Few people realize how sex food can be. Of course there are some foods which are sexier than others, and the strawberry always comes top on my list. You can have a lot of fun with strawberries and dip them into all sorts of things, laughs Tina. My favorite dip is chocolate but I also like cream. If, the strawberries are slightly damp you can dip them into chopped up hazel nuts as well. That makes them taste really nice and is a good way to be healthy with strawberries.

Another flirty food is dates. You can present dates in many different ways. During my time hear at Wokingham escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/wokingham-escorts I have served them up wrapped in Parma ham and I have also heated them up with bacon around them, A lot of my gents really appreciate something to eat during their dates and I like serving up finger foods. Having a glass of wine with some nice finger foods can be a really nice and relaxing experience. It will break the ice a little bit and they do so say that food is the best way to a man’s heart. It always work for me.

Large prawns, or tiger prawns, are also very sexy. If you are like me, you may want to serve them up with cocktail sticks. Then you can both sit around and pick on the prawns. Serve up a spicy olive oil dressing, or even a spicy dressing, and you will have a nice evening snack if you are expecting a special gent. Okay, the bosses here at Wokingham escorts do not encourage us to serve food, but all of my gents like to eat. Sometimes I think some of my gents just come and see me for my food.

Of course, you can also serve up little pastry pieces. I make a lot of my own food and I am not a stranger to baking. Actually I bake for some of my Wokingham escorts colleagues. Nice little cakes, just bite size, seem to go down very well. I cover them with all different types of icing, and my guests love it. They also make cute little presents and I often take a box with me to a dinner party. It is often appreciated by the hostess or host. Must admit that I have a bit of a sweet tooth on the quiet.

The most flirty food is chocolate. Now, I am going to brag a bit. I do make my own chocolates. When ever one of my friends here at Wokingham escorts have a birthday, I will make them a box of chocolates. Unfortunately for me, my boss have caught onto this and often comes around to by chocolates for his wife. I call them Tina’s treats and she loves them her little box. The thing is my boss buys two boxes but he eats one on his way home. I have never told his lovely wife.

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