The Harrow escorts are a bit like the local football club – unexpected!

If you haven’t dated in Harrow for a while, you should perhaps check out some of the new local players, and you will be amazed how well Harrow has scored recently.


Harrow is one of the towns in England that has been able to score red hot escorts, and according to many regular players, Harrow escorts from are now some of the hottest girls they have ever met. New talent has joined the Harrow escorts team, and you can now find some very exciting talent here.


Harrow escorts

Harrow escorts

The new look Harrow escorts are both from London and a little bit further a field. We even have some Harrow escorts that have joined some of leading local Harrow escorts agency from abroad. From cool Iceland, Freja has joined the team and Yolla is a stunning dark escort who has joined all the way from hot and steamy Jamaica.




Freja is a golden blonde ice breaker from cold Iceland but she will know how to melt your ice using those long slim fingers of hers. She has a passion for balls, and loves to hold a ball or two in her well manicured hands. It goes without saying that she supports Harrow but more than anything, she would like to support YOU!


Now Freja, is a young lady who would like some support herself. Her wonderful bouncy 34E takes a lot of holding up, and she is always grateful for an extra hand or two. Back in her native Iceland she used love to lap dance on her own. The locals were not into dancing so her giant teddy bear had to do. Now, she has discovered a new passion for lap dancing and treats visitors of local clubs to intimate dances. If you would like Freja to be your private dancer – perhaps you should go and meet this ice princess…




Yolla is a dark, dark Jamaican beauty with the a fantasy ass a recent gentleman said. It is true, she has one of those Jamaican butts that just looks great in a g-string bikini in the sands of a Jamaican beach. At the moment, there are no beaches for our Yolla to play one and she is waiting to play with you.


Mind you, I understand that she has not thrown away her bikini collection and know enjoys showing it off to her new found friends in Britain. Do you really need to ask if this girl is hot? She is so hot that it is steaming and you may want to pop around to let her blow off some of that heat on you.


If, you are somebody who likes dark, dark girls, you should make an appointment with steamy Yolla, just to see how hot under the collar she could get you…


There you go, Harrow has not only scored large in the football league. It has scored large in the escorts league as well. Why don’t you try to score with the new hot Harrow talent?.. Dating these lovely escorts is such a romantic.

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