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I had to tell my boyfriend the other day that I am not his personal PA.  He expects me to do a lot of things for him but to be honest, I don’t really have the time. We are both busy working, but for some reason, he expects me to do more than him. He runs his own business and like I say to the girls here at Sutton escorts, he expects me to get involved with that as well. It is not as easy as all of that, and I have to admit that I get pretty stressed.


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Yesterday, when I came home from Sutton escorts, I had to tell him straight. He was running around chasing orders for spare parts, and wanted me to pick up the phone to calla round. Quite frankly, I told him if he is that busy, he should be employing somebody to help. I am not sure that he was impressed by that at all, and he sort of sulked for a while, but later he said that he saw my point. It is not easy trying to run your own business, I know that, but at the same time you need to have respect for others.


Now, I have told him that I think that he should find his own business premises and stop working from home. It does not really work for us at all, and I am tired of coming home to what I call a junk yard. One of my friends at Sutton escorts said that my front yard looks like a breakers yard. I must admit that I agree with her, and I don’t think it looks nice at all. When we got together, I knew that my boyfriend was passionate about classic cars, but now they seem to have taken over both our lives. It is a little bit too much.


Ideally, my boyfriend would like me to give up my job with Sutton escorts, but I am not so sure that I am prepared to do that. I have been with the agency for just over a year, and I am doing okay. Sure, it would be fun to work with my boyfriend, but I also think that it would put a lot of strain on our personal relationship. Many couples who work together, don’t stay together. You spend time together at work, and you also spend time together at home. It is going to lead to friction no matter which way you look at it. Honestly, I rather our relationship lasted.


I am really proud of my boyfriend and how well he is doing, but I do need our home to be our home again. He can probably see that but men do have a slightly different outlook on things. I am sure that many of the girls at Sutton escorts have the same kind of problems. My boyfriend’s business is doing really well, but like I say to him, he really needs to move on the next stage. While he has got some money in the bank, he should try to find some business premises locally. There are plenty about, and I am sure that the business would benefit from it as well.


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