Tower Bridge escorts on seasons in London

It doesn’t matter to me that the weather is changing, says Myna from Tower Bridge escorts You can still have a really good time in London during the autumn. I personally think that London is the perfect city for all seasons, and this is one of the reasons I still live here. When I first moved to Tower Bridge in London from Poland, it seemed a bit dreary and it was such a big place that it scared me a bit. Now, I feel really at home. I love to take advantage of all of the great things this city can offer, and I never have had so much fun.

Tower Bridge escorts

Tower Bridge escorts

For me it was easy to make friends in Tower Bridge. Once I had joined Tower Bridge escorts, I also joined a gym. In Poland I trained as an exercise instructor, so I do teach a couple of classes. It is a bit different from Poland but I just enjoy it on a part time basis. In the future, I might train to be a yoga teacher as it is a huge call for it here. However, at the moment I am following in the footsteps of other escorts who have worked in Tower Bridge for a long time.

Most Polish Tower Bridge escorts seem to have a bit of a plan. They work really hard, and save up for a flat. That is what I am busy doing at the moment. It is so easy to get registered here, and the agency has an accountant who can help you to pay taxes. I do everything legally, and hopefully this will reflect well. When I have enough money, I will buy my own place, and save for my yoga teacher training. It will not be cheap, but I think it will be worth it in the end.

I am not sure that I will go back to Poland. Tower Bridge has a huge Polish community, and it feels a bit like home. Many Polish Tower Bridge escorts have stayed, but some have gone home. The girls who have gone home have kept their London flats, and are renting them out. That must cover their daily living expenses in Poland, and then some. Things are a lot cheaper in Poland, and you can achieve some excellent rents here. I even know of a former Polish escorts who has built up her own property empire. It sounds funny, but she has done well for herself.

Do I miss Poland? On occasion I do miss Poland but fortunately there are a lot of Polish girls working for Tower Bridge escorts. That gives us a chance to speak in our own language and eat our own food. Polish food is really easy to get hold of here, and that is a help. Also, there are a lot of Scandinavian people in London, and we get on very well together. There is something really similar about our cultures, and that is nice. We sort of our own little Baltic community sometimes here in London, smiles Myna.

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