The Attractive Roommate

When I was in college I was in a relationship with my then boyfriend. Unfortunately, it was fairly toxic because he was the type that would constantly be standing me up, seeing and sleeping with other girls on the side. This cheating and lying drove me insane and I got more and more upset with the situation. On one particular gloomy day I returned home and was feeling incredibly depressed. I needed to have this out with him once and for all, so I headed over to his dorm in a huff.

When I got to his room I found that my boyfriend wasn’t in there but his roommate was. I had always found Chad attractive and decided then and there that I was going to have my revenge. He asked me what was wrong and I explained that my boyfriend hadn’t been treating me right. He seemed upset and offered to comfort me by putting his arm around me. I smiled as I felt my plan beginning to take shape in his pants.

As we cuddled he began running his fingers through my hair and I started to feel a tingling from my body. I turn my head towards him and began lightly kissing his neck. He began groaning with pleasure as I continued to do this and I felt more and more excited. I moved my hand between his legs and started stroking his balls.

He began moaning and I found it more and more exciting, so I unbuckled his belt and pulled his trousers down and began giving him a blow job. As he became more and more excited, he began removing my trousers and quickly pulled my pants down. He then sat me on top of me top of him and we began making love furiously and intensely. Within a matter of minutes, we had both had an orgasm together and were immediately on our way to another one.

I then heard a key in the door and could tell that it was my boyfriend. Chad didn’t hear the door, and I smiled as I heard it open, knowing what my boyfriend would see. My tight little ass riding his roommates large cock. Chad was oblivious as my boyfriend stood in shock. I meanwhile was screaming Chad’s name as I came.

Some say revenge is best served cold. I happen to disagree; revenge is hot!

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